What makes a perfect boutique hotel bedroom?


In a boutique hotel, guest rooms need to be unique environments. They need to be able to deliver a range of possibilities to allow guests to work efficiently (if that is why they are there), dine on great food, soak in the relaxing ambience and get some great sleep.

The size of the room is a very important factor. Luxury boutique hotel room sizes have increased of late in line with customer expectations and demand. The total guestroom of 36 sq m is a minimum expectation. Some leading hotel companies in the luxury boutique space like One & Only have increased this to over 40 sq m in recent years.

The prime position in any boutique hotel bedroom goes to the bed. No matter how well-designed and spacious the room is, sleep is paramount to the stay. Good blackout curtains and noise proofing is key as well.

In boutique hotels, 75% of rooms tend to be king rooms with king beds as a thumb rule with other rooms being single, queen and suites.

And as far as bathrooms go, modern design together with beautiful well-lit bathrooms are in vogue. For many guests, bathrooms can be as important as the bedroom. Guest bathrooms with separate toilet, showers and a spa-style shower head, 2 sinks, as well as a bathtub are becoming more common.

Decisions on whether to have a shower or bathtub or both should be influenced by guest preferences and commercial insights. For example, Japanese guests tend to prefer bathtubs over a shower. If it is an important source market for your hotel, then not having bathrooms with tubs means lost business. Equally other demographic and psychographic factors can play a role – for example, if your hotel is positioned to attract the family market, then bathrooms may need to be more spacious.

Another major criteria for creating an excellent stay is to ensure that the bedrooms are quiet. Good soundproofing is important both in terms of design and build.

Technology provided in rooms including entertainment and Wi-Fi is now pretty much expected to be of high quality. However, the user-friendliness of in-room technology is important. And little extras like a high-quality espresso machine for the morning coffee or an excellent sound system can make a great difference to the guest stay.

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