The importance of sustainability is increasing in the world of tourism and raises both challenges and opportunities for hotels, travel companies and destinations. How does one maximise business opportunity and minimise environmental impact?

Sustainability is subjective and means different things to different people. According to a Booking.com research report on the topic in 2018, they found that “for almost half of travelers (46%), ‘sustainable travel’ means staying in eco-friendly or green accommodations, topping the list of what people think of when hearing the term. The top reasons travelers give for choosing these eco-friendly places to rest their heads are to help reduce environmental impact (40%), to have a locally relevant experience (34%) and wanting to feel good about an accommodation choice (33%).”

A number of companies have emerged with the sustainability flag and we should those that manage the fine line of sustainable business growth to be successful. The online travel companies listed below are known to be making active steps in the right direction.



Kind Traveler    





Book Different  

Responsible Travel         

GA Adventures 

Much Better Adventures