THE GIANT LIST of Online Travel Agencies – Part 2

These are soft branded collection of hotels and promoted primarily online. Exclusivity is key in most cases and boutique hotels are a key ingredient. Some charge a fee to be part of the collection while others work on an OTA commission model.


Smaller groups of hotels who pay a membership fee to be part of an exclusive collection and brand. Fees go towards sales, marketing & distribution activities both online and offline.

Online hotel websites that focus on niche areas like wellness, family etc

Healing & Wellness

Children & Family OTAs

These include a new breed of websites trying to tackle itinerary planning and booking.

Websites featuring hotels that have been selected by travel guides and travel magazine editors. Not always a booking website.

A relatively new trend where media brands align themselves with selected hotels. These hotels are then co-branded and promoted. In other instances it is a collection of curated experiences.

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