I think we are all agreed that the world of hotels and travel is constantly changing. New ideas and business models are replacing existing ones quickly.

And this has made finding a quick reference guide to online intermediaries like OTAs difficult. Even hotels with resources are finding it tricky to navigate through this flux. And if you are an indpendent hotel owner or a sales manager who also is in charge of online distribution, it is even harder work.

The first requirement was to identify “what type of companies should and could come under this list”.  For sanity reasons, I have taken the approach that they qualify for the list if they sell inventory as a third party on behalf of the hotel. (again there are exceptions but….)

Even classification is a moving target!

As I started building the list, the need for further classification was clear. What is an online travel agency? Is it just a well known site like Booking.com? Or are group booking sites included? What about metasearch and last minute booking apps? Do airline websites that offer hotel bookings qualify? Or only if they work independently?

To address this, I have made an effort to classify them into broad categories. And then there are those that defy classification. How about Accorhotels for one? Is it a hotel chain or an OTA or a hotel collection or a marketing consortium? Even classification is a moving target!

Of course with such a vast array of choices, it brings you to the next and bigger question. What are the parameters that a hotel can and should use to choose the right types of booking intermediaries to work with? This and the evolving world of hotel technology will form the related parts of this work. If you would like to be notified when these are published, just join the list here to be notified.