How to maximise in-hotel marketing opportunities with big data

Hotels have always known the importance of personalisation in guest inter-actions at the hotel. And equally importantly, hotels have worked on up-sell programmes and training for the front of house staff.

These efforts have worked in parts; however, the human element including employee turnover and how busy they are at any given point of time has challenged up-sell programmes at the best of hotels.

[pullquote]Does big data make it any easier? Here are some possibilities.[/pullquote]

“Rezidor is working hard to transform itself into a more data-driven business, in particular by trying to analyse data generated by guests during their stays. One of the ways it’s doing this is by trying to ensure that all of its guests have access to high-quality quality Wi-Fi. Neumann argues that by not providing this, hotels are missing out on the opportunity to better serve their customer’s needs, by combining the data they generate with location-based prompts, for example, so they can reach out with timely offers for what he calls “top-band customers”. Read more…

Provide free wi-fi, but have a simple login process that collects e-mails of all users with permission to reach out to them. In addition to having the ability to market at the login screen, analyse usage by in-house guests versus visitors and product consumption to drive future product development.

[pullquote]Consider an intentcast made by a guest arriving at your hotel through a personal assistant like Myia.[/pullquote]

It could be that the guest is looking for a city tour with a personal guide. The hotel front office has access to this information and is able to arrange this prior to arrival and present a few options.

Multiply the power of this additional datasets to include social media as well as online shopping behaviour to arrive at a highly relevant understanding of your customer preferences.

[pullquote]And while it trumps traditional up-sell possibilities, training staff in appropriate usage will still be of great importance not to overstep personal boundaries.[/pullquote]

Whether it is a simpler understanding to place a preferred bottle of wine (based on previous consumption data from point of sale systems) for a loyalty programme member to predicting requirements and offering options before they ask at the hotel, big data is here to stay and change the way you deal with guests at the hotel.

“For Paul Murray, vice president of revenue management, Americas at Hyatt Hotels Corporation organisational commitment requires three things: data access, data quality, and data intelligence. It also means having the ability to manage and interpret data in a way that provides value. With these key elements in place, you can devote efforts to a myriad of valuable directions, such as investment efforts, booking channel management, marketing and loyalty activities, revenue optimisation, upsell opportunities, high return directions for sales efforts, cost containment, pricing flexibility, and so on,” he says.” Read more…


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