How to work with Metasearch companies

Here are some tips for how boutique hotels can effectively work with metasearch sites:

  • Optimize content – Provide descriptive titles, high-quality images, amenity details, and promotional text that will display well in metasearch results.
  • Ensure rate consistency – Make sure rates are consistent across booking sites. Metasearch (and bookers who use it) relies on accurate, up-to-date pricing.
  • Analyze performance – Check click-through rates, conversions, and ROI from metasearch referrals. Tweak strategies to maximize. Use metasearch solutions like Derbysoft or Koddi.
  • Bid strategically – Set competitive bids for key terms that are relevant to the boutique’s locale and amenities. Adjust as needed. Same as above, this is best managed through a technology platform.
  • Highlight unique selling points – Metasearch allows you to feature messages like “free breakfast” or “central location” to stand out.
  • Promote special offers – Run limited-time promotions or packages that metasearch can help advertise.
  • Use tracking links – Create specific landing pages and tracking links for metasearch clicks to better attribute bookings.
  • Maintain availability – Metasearch only works when properties have available rooms listed. Keep calendars current.
  • Build relationships – Develop contacts at top metasearch companies to address issues quickly and collaborate. Whilst this is difficult, it is not impossible 🙂

With a thoughtful approach, boutique hotels can leverage metasearch as a marketing channel to generate qualified traffic, showcase their distinctive charm, and attract new guest bookings.

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