How to start planning a boutique hotel website


There is a lot to think about when it comes to planning your hotel website and especially so with a boutique hotel. The website needs to be visually appealing and tell a story. At the same time, functionality is key when it comes to driving direct bookings. A pretty shopfront is not enough.

There are a lot of elements that need to be considered. However, if the hotel’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) has been clearly defined and its positioning and brand identity defined, then this will set the right tone as one goes through the planning process.

Start with the content goal matrix to help you define the goal and target groups of your website.

The content goal matrix is made up of three columns:

  • The target groups you wish your website to reach
  • The actions you want these target groups to undertake on the website
  • The information your website must provide to ensure that the expected actions are performed by the visitor

An example of a simple content goal matrix is below. The more complex your hotel product is the more detail that will be required to be identified and planned for in the content goal matrix.

Key target segment/profile of key customersWhat actions do you
want visitors to take
when on your hotel website?
What information should be presented to
this group of potential
Travellers from UK Book online
Join loyalty programme
Subscribe to blog
Testimonials of British travellers
Information on bird watching
Travellers from GermanyBook Online
Subscribe to blog
Use chat
Testimonials of German travellers
Wine tasting opportunities
Travellers from ChinaBook OnlineChinese content
Ability to pay with Alipay
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