Is your hotel sending emails with moment of open personalisation?

As technology has improved and data has become more accessible, hotel marketers are looking to personalising email content in more sophisticated and relevant ways.

Best Western used Movable Ink to dynamically personalise images within their 20 million emails depending on time-of-open and weather. For example, if a customer opens an email in New York City and it’s snowing at that moment, they’ll receive a picture of the beach. Read more…

[pullquote]So personalising an email has taken on a new meaning, one beyond just personalising the subject line and greeting them by name.[/pullquote]

By using information identified at the time when an email is being opened, (eg: location, language, currency, device, time), the information displayed is relevant and personal.

For example, if you have a big public event happening at your hotel, you can set a radius around the hotel and only display that content if the person opening it is within that area. Read more…

Another area to improve the “personal” touch is through image personalisation. Direct Smile offers the capability to include images (see below) and videos.

Although it is fairly straight forward to use these techniques by finding the right e-mail marketing vendor, it is the application of big data strategy that can enable your hotel to personalise to a far higher level.

For example, a guest who likes winter sports may have an image of the slopes and a fan of red wine may have one of a vineyard and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Nifty Images helps you to create and send e-mails with countdown images that show urgency!

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