Does Triptease help increase hotel website bookings? Or is it just a tease?

Triptease takes a partial meta search model to the booking process on a hotel website. The main reason cited is that booking abandonment on a hotel website is high because potential bookers are always worried about losing out on better rates elsewhere. And of course which hotel does not want more direct bookings?!

So when the booking engine displays the prices for rooms available, websites that have installed Triptease’s Price Check Widget display rates from at least 3 different OTAs.triptease

Implementation is promised to be easy with just one line of javascript code and getting it live in 24 hours.

And if you are sceptical, the Trust Plan Calculator may help convince you.

So could there be any bumps in the road ahead? Here are some thoughts that cropped up!

What if the booker sees the same price on another OTA popping up – and it happens to be one that the booker has accumulated loyalty points with? A good possibility that this may lead to book with that OTA rather than through the hotel website?

The quality of hotel websites (with the exception of larger chains and luxury independents) is generally average to poor. Although this is changing for the better, the quality of the website content, pricing and its findability can play a big role.

Hotels which are not using channel management solutions (and these numbers are still surprisingly high with small independent hotels even in developed markets like the UK) will find it challenging to use it. It could in some cases even be counter productive as an OTA may show lower (and not updated) rates.

Does Triptease avoid cacheing issues while getting rate information from OTAs? And does the  technology rely on screen scraping?

The Trust Plan calculator showing impact of deployment is a great idea. However getting a reliable indicator based on the information gathered could be difficult and projections could be way off the mark.

Can Triptease display the most market relevant OTAs for a particular hotel or does it rely on just the big ones?

What next?

Ultimately the biggest success with these tools from triptease will depend on being part of a holistic hotel marketing strategy tying in both offline and online actions. So how can triptease encourage hotels to do that?

For example, considering that the quality of a website and its findability plays such an important role, is a packaged website product – a la buteeq/booking suite a way forward?

Or could it play a complete tease with the rates? Say automatically adjust rates on the hotel site based on customer behaviour (or if it’s available for less through an OTA).using sophisticated revenue management solutions like Duetto

Another area to consider is the overall review scores of the hotel. Booking abandonment is also closely related to the hotel’s review scores. Can this be factored in?

Any hotel with a cohesive and ambitious marketing strategy must consider Triptease to see if it works for them!

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