Are hotels ready for the new convergence era?

The world of hotels and travel is changing and changing fast. There is a lot of understandable excitement. But there are concerns too – is it getting too complex?

I have been a keen follower of these changes in my work with hotels. As with all changes, there is no doubt that they are challenging but also present immense new opportunities for your growth.

I wanted to explore how hotels can thrive in this changing environment and not get overwhelmed? How can you ensure best results and avoid a haphazard approach?

Let us start by looking at the big changes. Three things have changed the way hotels are booked in recent years.

These have been influenced by:

Disruptive business models both online and offline | Global internet penetration, speeds and smarter smart phones | Evolution of global hospitality giants

How are hotels dealing with these rapid disruptive changes?

The biggest change in the hotel industry (and influenced by new age technology companies ) is convergence – an increasing realisation that marketing, distribution, sales, revenue management and finance is all part of a continuous loop rather than stand alone silos.

I am often asked for help with maximising sales for hotels large and small, both online & offline – and this is usually bespoke. Recently however, it got me thinking that a detailed understanding and reference point would be useful to all accommodation providers.

That and my inherent curiosity in the changing phase of hospitality and travel  prompted me to pull this together.

In this 5 piece compilation/analysis, I have tried to share the information available in a practical usable format for hoteliers to discover and share.

Look out also for an e-book on how hotels can maximise business results by understanding the rapid changes and investing in technology based on business goals.

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