apple-691471_1280Stop for a moment, reflect and analyse.

In a fast paced world, it is easy to lose track of goals. And in many cases you can also miss the cracks that have developed.

Or in some cases, it may just be that changes are needed to take your hotel to the next level.

We have found audits to be a very powerful step in maximising performance. And it has allowed us to discover new opportunities and address weaknesses.

We can audit the performance of your hotel in the following areas.

All our audits focus on one primary goal – spot revenue opportunities for your hotel.

Subsequently, we we can also help create a plan to address them and implement it on your behalf where necessary.

This audit covers the entire distribution reach of your hotel. How many online channels are you present on? What type of channels are they and how do they match with your hotel positioning? What is the quality of content? It takes a look at how your Trip Advisor Review Management is impacting your hotel bookings and much more.

Some of the insights of an online distribution audit covers the following areas and are supported by recommended actions:

  • Online Travel Agency (OTA) Visibility
  • OTA Content quality
  • OTA Content consistency
  • Range of OTAs
  • User Generated Content website impact
  • Promotions & Package Path
  • Rate & Product consistency
  • Positioning consistency
  • OTA profitability

Why is all this important? As hotels strive to increase sales and achieve a more balanced distribution strategy, understanding and maximising the results of OTAs is key.

This audit covers the entire sales management function of your hotel. What are the sales processes and tools in use? Is there a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and is it being used effectively? Are the sales tools providing enough support to deliver sales? Are there market segments which require additional attention?

Some of the insights of the sales management audit include:

  • Sales process efficiency
  • Sales technology
  • CRM usage and impact
  • Business segments
  • Sales collateral & tools
  • Group management
  • RFP management
  • Pricing structures

Why is all this important? As hotels strive to boost sales, better processes and optimum use of technology is critical to sales success.

There is an ongoing change in the way travel bookers engage with your hotel online. This is causing continuous disruptions in planning growth in e-commerce. Many a time, you just have a feeling that you ought to do more to maximise impact. We provide you with an informed fresh perspective and showcases simple, effective steps to improve your hotel’s website presence and commercial impact.

Some of the insights of an e-commerce audit covers the following areas supported by recommended actions:

  • Navigation
  • Functionality
  • Booking Path
  • Accessibility
  • Social media interaction
  • Content & Images
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Website structure for SEO
  • Mobile ready

Why is all this important? As hotels strive to achieve more direct bookings, each of the above factors play a key role.

The biggest change in the hotel industry (and influenced by new age technology companies ) is convergence – an increasing realisation that marketing, distribution, sales, revenue management and finance is all part of a continuous loop rather than stand alone silos. Our technology audit will help understand where you are and where you need to be.

We review the following areas as part of our technology audit.

  • Sales and catering systems
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Corporate RFP systems
  • Central Reservations System
  • Website Booking Engines
  • Channel Management Systems
  • Property management Systems
  • Revenue Management Systems