camera-918565_1920With a clear understanding of where we are now and a plan for the future, we are ready to act.

When it comes to implementing recommendations, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and make things happen.

Working closely with hotel teams, we can help you with business process redesign, project implementations, training programmes and documentation.

We specialise in redesigning businesses processes keeping the customer at the centre. All too often, decisions are made regarding processes and procedures driven by technology or internal needs. This can result in lost business opportunities and dissatisfied guests. Ensuring the right business processes are in place is critical to any technology deployment for best results.

What can you expect from our business process redesign?

Documenting processes and procedures is vital. Keeping them alive and core to managing your business is equally critical. We help document your processes and standards in a way that it is inter-active and ensuring that there is a clear loop of feedback and corrections. Monitoring and review of KPI’s is also an important element.

What can you expect from our process documentation?

Collaboration (with OTAs and other niche agencies), innovation (with product development, pricing and packaging) and adaptability (being ready to absorb and deploy new technologies) are fundamental to your OTA success strategy. We can help you set this up.

What can you expect from our channel management implementation?

We can help you manage deployment of new technology in your hotel. A technology implementation project will involve liaising with the different stakeholders, developing a project plan, implementation to timelines while ensuring that the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are met.

What can you expect from our technology implementation?

We have a specialised training programme that takes a practical approach to helping hotel sales teams understand rapid changes in travel booking patterns and technologies. And then help create a plan to leverage the changing environment to maximise sales impact. We also create bespoke training on request in the areas of sales, marketing, distribution and technology.

What can you expect from our training?