keyboard-925924_1920Using the audits as a framework, we work through each challenge and/or opportunity in a systematic way.

Working closely with your hotel team/s, we identify approaches which have the highest probability for success.

We use a proven approach through which we apply our specialist hospitality expertise into creating an effective plan.

These are then incorporated into a specific plan for review and sign-off.

Where requested, we can continue to help your hotel with the implementation of the plan.

Getting the right visibility in the right channels at the right time with the right price can be challenging for any hotel – particularly where competition is fierce. An excellent understanding of the online marketplace and a pro-active approach is critical. We help hotels plan online distribution strategy with their overall objectives in mind.

What can you expect to see in your Online Distribution plan?

We review the hotel’s overall sales & marketing objectives. We then link it to an objective analysis of the hotel team’s current strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, we devise a holistic strategy incorporating all dependent elements like CRM and technology.

What can you expect to see in your Sales Management plan?

Based on the E-commerce audit, we create a detailed list of actions to address gaps and generate new opportunities. The plan will primarily focus on improving the effectiveness of the hotel website in terms of navigation and the booking process.

What can you expect to find in your E-commerce plan?

We match your business goals with the results of the technology audit. This helps us understand the gaps in relation to your business objectives. We then devise a plan to improve, upgrade or change technology solutions that meet your business needs the best.

What can you expect to find in your Technology Strategy plan?