My name is Vineeth and I am the principal consultant at White Sky Hospitality.

I started learning about hotels when I was 18 – it stretched my mind and imagination. Now, about 25 or so odd years later, there is no going back. I love the constantly evolving world of hotels & travel.

I have worn several hats in the course of my professional and entrepreneurial journey. But I now specialise in maximising hotel sales and distribution by radically redesigning business processes and use of technology.

I have worked in a range of diverse roles in hotel operations and sales. The opportunity to live and work in countries like the UK, Germany, Austria, UAE, India and the Maldives has made me truly multi-cultural and multi-lingual.

In professional roles, I developed and managed chain wide sales strategies and actions for hotels to increase revenue and profitability.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, writer & philosopher

As a consultant, I have worked with some exciting hotel companies like Orient Express UK and Lux Mauritius to address their global sales and technology challenges. I also lectured at Universities & Colleges in Austria, China, India and Bhutan.

In 2010, I went on an entrepreneurial adventure to India. Together with an ex-colleague, we successfully launched and monetised White Sky Hotels & Resorts, an exclusive collection of boutique hotels. A few years later, we launched an outsourced online sales & distribution solution for independent hotels. Our boutique hotel marketing business has since been acquired while our online distribution solutions help dozens of hotels across India to increase online bookings.

I love turning ideas into action. Why not join me?