Are you a growing hotel company looking to develop a robust distribution, marketing and technology infrastructure?

We can help.

Sales and distribution channels have evolved. The way a traveller books hotels has changed. The mediums they use to interact and buy have converged. Speed and lead time in decision making have been transformed.

Factors influencing travel buying decisions have shifted. Competition has diversified. Technology now impacts all customer touch points and is no longer managed by the IT department.

A range of hotel chains and independent hotels worldwide have used our services to improve commercial impact through business process redesign and technology implementation.

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Are you a travel technology company seeking hotel expertise to develop products and marketing strategy?

We can help.

We understand how hotels work and what drives them.

From an independent business hotel in southern India to a boutique leisure hotel near London, from a global luxury hotel chain like Orient Express (now Belmond) to a meeting and incentive specialist chain like Principal Hayley, from a large hotel chain like Starwood (now part of Marriott) to a niche luxury resort chain like Lux Mauritius, we have an extensive pool of experience working with and in the industry.

And we have a strong focus on technology and emerging trends in the travel industry. White Sky Hospitality recently contributed to a trend report jointly produced by the London School of Economics and Amadeus on the “Future of Travel Distribution” in late 2016.

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Are you a hotel company that requires teams to be trained on cutting-edge distribution marketing?

We can help.

In today’s hospitality world, pure sales skills alone aren’t enough; strategic understanding of all sales channels with relevant use of technology will get you ahead.

Successful hotel sales and marketing teams understand the distribution landscape and channel profitability. Revenue Management is no longer the sole domain of the Revenue Manager.

How well does your sales team understand the current landscape and changes? Are they well placed to make the most of these rapid and often complex changes? Or is there analysis paralysis?

Our training takes a practical approach to help hotel sales teams to understand these changes holistically. And then it helps create a plan to leverage the changing environment to maximise sales impact.  The programme is a one day inter-active workshop that can be tailored to the needs of the audience.

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